Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Algo Diferente.

Have you ever been the odd one out? You know, like the type of person that would pick the opposite type of thing when most people like the other. I'm similar to being that way. It may be possible to see me not liking something that most people like, or like something that most people aren't interested in. Some may like to fit in, but whats wrong with not fitting into the mold? What's special about a world where most people, look the same, sound the same, act the same, and have the same interests?

          God is diverse, even in His church, there are different parts. Diversity is beautiful when it comes to certain things. Personally it can be possibly difficult, because most people may not be interested with what I am in, or even say something offensive about something that I may like. Not that they may know that i'm interested in that particular thing, but it can be annoying. If only people would be more open-minded. Maybe it's for me to teach others to be more open-minded.

         I welcome you to the challenge of opening yourself up to something that you usually wouldn't bother with. Such as listening to a genre of music that you wouldn't usually listen to, or participating in a new activity. Life has many things to discover, you may never know what you might come to enjoy, because you took the time to step out and do something different. There is much more out there than what you choose to pay attention to.


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